Handmade kazaz silver knot pendant red


Handmade Kazaz Silver Knot Pendant. Made by 1000 carat silver by hand.

100% Handmade with traditional jewelry technique known as Kazaz.

Made in Turkey.

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This is also one of the hardest handmade jewelry technique. Kazaz jewels has their own unique style which is not compareable with another jewelry design. All of kazaz jewelry made by hand and have to be master degree to manufacture this jewelry.
The exact history of Kazaz is not known, however, it is said that this art was born in Mesopotamia area by Lydians in 2800BC and later spread north to Anatolia. During Ottoman Empire, this art was more common. Today it is only made by some well experienced jewelers.
Kazaz was one of the most popular jewelers for Ottoman Sultans. Great Sultan Kanuni was known as a master of kazaz art.Kazaz is one of the most oldest traditional jewelry art from Turkey.
Real Hand Made Silver Jewelry

As you know most of silver jewelry known as 925 sterling silver. This ‘925″ number shows purity of silver. International acceptance of silver jewelry purity is 925 which shows compound ratio of silver material. It means 92.5% silver and 7.5% of copper compound. You have to use this ratio to process any type of silver jewelry because of softness of pure silver.
However jewelers have to work with 1000 grade 100% pure silver to proces hand made silver kazaz jewels. Working with pure andsoftness silver needs well experience.
handmade jewelryKazaz silver jewels made by hand with only 1000 carat silver or 24 carat gold. A strand of 1000 carat silver or 24 carat gold having only 0.08 micron thickness (which one is same thickness as one strand of human hair) is wrapped over a very thin silk thread with the help of a spinning wheel. This process made by hand without any power tools. Hand made kazaz wire can be 3-5 mm thick and it is non-breakable.
After that process jewelers have kazaz wire to design hand made kazaz jewelry. The masters of the art hand-sew Kazaz wire into intricate designs including knotted beads (Turk’s Head Knot), herringbone chains, Shemse Motifs (Love Knot), tassels, necklaces, pendants, earrings and rings.
Kazaz jewels manufactured 100% by hand with only using a pin without any welding. Handmade silver jewelry kazaz never been tarnished because of silver grade and silk rope inside of kazaz wire.


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